History, pride, passion, honor and respect

the big rugby values to your business

what matters in rugby it matters in life

support those around you, get up after a tackle, pass the ball to your team mate, honor the opposition… all these aspects are very important in rugby and even more in life



This is a project to take the big rugby values to your business

Team building, leadership, managing the individual skills to serve the team are all peculiar aspects of a rugby team.

Throughout a number of options it’s possible to shape, on your special needs, a project to form the persons of your business.

Meetings, training on the field and direct contribution from Marco Bortolami will give your group of work a real taste of the rugby experience.

Having a common target, building a team, reacting all together, holding pressure and seeking success are the key elements for your business to step forward.

Where everything is the same don’t lose this extraordinary opportunity to develop a winning startegy and to create a real rugby team spirit for your business!


Rugby-team for your team

Training, meetings, specific individual and collective skills sessions you can plan an individual schedule to make your team better.

You can enjoy a rugby experience with one of the few players who has played in the best competitions. from the Italian league to the french Top14, from the English  Premiership to the Celtic League, from the  6 Nations to the World Cup, becoming captain in every team he played.

With Marco Bortolami you will have access to the training and tactical programmes of the best teams in Europe

What a best opportunity to develop you coaching and managing skills.



Rugby-team for you special event

Plan with Marco Bortolami your special event to impress your guests or simply request his presence to you dinner.

Business, sport and charity events, what a better opportunity to have Marco Bortolami with your guests.

Ask him questions and hear from his own voice the best rugby stories he has been part of.





This is rugby-team. For more information write an email and we will be more than happy to plan a specific event for you.

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