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  1. Hi Marco,

    Good to see the game being viewed from both ends, it was great to read. I’ve seen a lot of comments from both sides (haters of England and the English which I am) and my thoughts are below:

    Were Italy within the laws? Of course so fair play to them. It stopped us scoring as many tries as we could have. However we still scored 6 tries, got a bonus point and agree with what Jones said “we’re undefeated still with a bonus point, we’re doing handstands” a win is a win!

    Was it a positive game to watch for the amount of people that probably tuned in? Not at all. Now every team will be trying to do it, especially at my level which makes the game very boring to play and watch. There was no physicality at the breakdown (as a forward we quite enjoy this), and it wasn’t a quick, flowing game. I’m not fussed that it happened to England, again fair play to Italy for thinking outside the box, however I think this law will be detrimental to the game at all levels moving forward. As Jones said there was no rugby played, no rucks, not much ball for the backline, no physicality etc. Feeling sorry for all the amateur referees this weekend who will probably have to ref this law with all the teams trying it…


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